Pointed Toes

The Milf’s Big Ass Broken Foot On Display

TO BEST VIEW OUR CLIPS PLEASE USE THE “DESCENDING” ORDER SETTING IN THE DEFAULT VIEW DROPBOXThis 7 and a half minute candid video was filmed while this milf’s husband was in the pharmacy filling her script for an apparent recently broken ankle which she was proudly displaying on the dashboard of her minivan, for all of our viewing convenience. Wasn’t that sweet of her?  She stuck her big-ass, broken foot with some seriously long toes protruding from the cast that appear to be going 3 or 4 different directions.  Her toes are painted and the different bends they make did not seem to be from her accident. Don’t get me wrong.  She has decent looking feet, or ‘foot’ but damn seeing that sucker up on the dashboard made me notice just how huge-fucking-mongous it was, along with super long, multi directional toes!!She had no clue I was filming her mega-foot for 7:32 – right until the very end when she looks right at my camcorder as her husband was getting back into the van. Too bad for her that she stuck the thing up there for everyone to see, thereby making my public filming the least of her worries in that pervert filled parking lot of foot boy dick jerker’s who were lined up to the left of their van trying to film her too.Feet that big do not go unnoticed for more than a few seconds & there were at least 2 other people trying to film her (or jerk to her) I think she may have learned her lesson the ..um, ‘hard’ way because as she quickly turned away to avoid my camcorder the only thing she saw to her left was one of our local foot boy’s just a jerking and yanking on his dick while trying to get a better view of that huge foot ( oh well 🙂  This is a good one!  Filmed in HD with a running time of 7:32.