Pantyhose Wrestling


My masseuse girlfriend went on holiday and she asked me to replace her for a few days.Of course I said yes because I have many kinky idea for these days and I’m sure this will be a great fun!Today came to me a really sexy handsome guy because he has back pain.I begin to massage him but in my mind there is a lot of kinky ideas.I talk to him in a friendly way and I ascertain that he has a wife and family.Perfect! I’m sure that my plan will work!Now I massage his neck and I suddenly start to squeeze his neck vein.He is in panic but he has no chance to escape and within seconds he loses his senses. I take his cock and I make some compromising photo with my phone! After he woke up, I blackmail him that he will be my slave now or I will send the photos to his wife. He has no choice, he say yes so the fun begin!WRESTLING UNTIL BLACKOUTAfter many extreme hard torment ,noew I give a chance this pathetic poor guy to leave. I challenge him to fight him in a 15 minutes wrestling match without rules! In this time if she can force me to give up just one time then I delete it the photos and he is free to go home!He is very happy with this deal because he doesn’t know that I’m a Master of brazilian jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts! I defeat and humiliate him really brutally until he by a hard head scissor. Ok loser, no more chances for you to escape and your suffering will continue all day!Subscribe to my member’s website, Magyar Mistress Mira! Hundreds of clips from the most kinky European Mistress! INSANE femdom and fighting clips, DAILY UPDATES!!!