Sweaty Feet

Stroking Your Meat With My Stinky Feet – PART 1 (SD 720p WMV)

Your sexy girlfriend, Katy Faery, comes in from a very long day at work. She sits down on the ground, and puts her Waitress Wallet down. Katy is wearing a nice maroon blouse from work, jean shorts, and size 7 sneakers. She has her hair tied back into a pony tail. Katy tells you it’s been a long day, and she is exhausted. Katy pulls out a $10 bill from her Waitress wallet, and tells you that’s all she made in tips today. A customer came in that apparently REALLY liked her shoes, and he left a $10 tip. Katy tells you that she hopes you had a good day, even though hers was not as great. “Let me get a little more comfortable.” Katy starts to take out her pony tail, letting her brunette hair flow down her back. She starts to untie her shoes, and take them off. Katy notices her feet have a bit of a smell to them, “Ew! What a stench… Let me take my socks off before they crawl away.” Katy takes her socks off, and throws them to the side. She wiggles her toes, and lifts her feet up. “Those are some stinky feet!” Katy notices your dick is getting hard, and is a little blown away. She jokingly asks if it’s the smell, though you know it’s not a joke at all. “Since when do you like feet?” Katy tells you that she feels bad now about making that comment about the guy at the restaurant being creepy. She had no idea you liked feet. Katy tells you they are really sweaty and stinky feet, and you tell her that’s just the way you like them. Katy grabs her foot, and pulls it up to her nose. She takes in a big whiff of her foot, and tells you just how bad they stink. Katy sticks her foot in your face, and tells you to sniff them. She tells you to bury your nose in-between her toes. “Why don’t you pull out your dick? Maybe I can rub my sweaty feet all over it?”… PART 1 INCLUDES THE FOOT SMELLING/FOOT TEASE INTRO BEFORE THE POV FOOTJOB.