Foot Parties

Smelly Foot Infatuation Confession & Best Friend Initiation mp4

Vanessa has this “thing” she likes to do but she doesn’t want her friend to freak out about it if she confesses it to her. Vanessa admits she REALLY likes to do this “thing.” They are best friends and she really wants to share this “Thing” with her. Catrina tells Vanessa to just tell her already! Well Vanessa admits she loves to smell SUPER STNIKY feet and she’s been dying to smell her best friends feet. Catrina is definitely a bit wierded out by it but allows her friend to go ahead and smell her feet. This is a dream come true for Vanessa. Vanessa gets on her knees and smells her friends feet from heel to toe with immense passion before going to the toes where it’s the stinkiest! Catrina admits she’s been shopping all day and she also went to the gym and totally never washed her feet at all! BUT THAT’S NOT IT… Catraina has something to admit to her best friend… SHE HAS A FOOT FETISH TOO!!!!! She hasn’t told ANYONE though… BUT EVEN MORE SHOCKING, Vanessa has two friends on the way over that have foot fetishes too!!!! Vanessa tells Tay and Cat about how she got to smell her feet for the first time and they are SO stinky. Tay and Cat grab her feet and ake a big whiff! They tell her about the foot parties they always have and Catrina is SO excited because she’s never actually met anyone else with a foot fetish before! BUT… before the girls allow her to join- she’s got to be INITIATED!!! Cat Van and Tay sit on the edge of the sofa while Catrina must kneel on the floor and smell all of their shoes, one by one at length. Vanessa’s boots areREALLY smelly, Cat has on pantyhose and slipper shoes she make herfeet evensweatier and stinkier, Tay has on flats that she’s had for YEARS and oh God they smell HORRID!. Once she passes that test they make her smell all of their feet together. BUT that’s not all of the initiation process, Catrina must lie on the floor and have ALL of their feet on her face whole a whole two minutes! Can she handle it? The girls get carried away and begin smelling each others feet and Catrina even lifs her legs over her head so the girls can enjoy them for a while too! CONGRATS Catrina DEFINITELY made it into the group- they may have to train her some more and they may have to make her their footstool for a while, but she absolutely did a great job!!