Foot Smother

Smell and Smother 1

I plant my perfect feet firmly on the losers face and smother him while I browse Twitter on my phone, occasionally lifting up just a tiny amount to make sure the only air he is breathing comes from right under my gorgeous toes. I’d not showered yet, and he had a pair of my socks in his mouth the entire time, so I was certain he was getting nothing but the smell of my stale sweat straight up his nose… whenever I could be bothered to allow him to breathe that is. My only regret is that I didn’t make this video 2 hours long, but there is always next time. (this is shot from 2 angles, one full body and one close up on the feet. Both are included side by side in the video, so whichever your preference you are sure to love this. And if you love both then it’s 2 clips for the price of one).