Foot Tickling

Sisters Feet Tied and Tickled On Cafe Table In Barely Black Pantyhose (POV)

(The clip is in German but doesn’t really have any important dialogue)The sisters were in an incredibly playful mood that day and it was nigh on impossible to get them to take anything seriously 😀 Therefore I decided to kinda just let this scene roll whichever way it was going to roll and left in a lot of the outbreaks of laughter and the natural banter between the two girls. It adds its own flair of authenticity to the scene although it does make it feel slightly disjointed at times. Either way, they both have beautiful, ticklish feet and respond very sensitively to touch so they were teased, lulled into a false sense of security, carressed abd then tickled again and again. There is a nice slow build up too where their shoes are removed one by one and feet left exposed for several moments before the action begins to build up tension. By the end of the scene, they were begging for the cameraman to stop tickling them.