Pov Foot Worship

Mistress Roberta – Three sweat treats from your goddess full video -pov

Today my feet slaves will be very happy because they will receive 3 treats they love so much, first treat is my new for you not so new for me sneakers . First the sole must be cleaned by slaves tongue all the ways and when the sole is clean the slave must move with the nose inside the sneakers  to smell  them , one by one and both in the same time, and after the will pass at my 5 days weared socks , sticky and smelly.Now the socks must be first smelled well and licked clean while in my feet sticking the foot deep in your mouth to reach more and more dirty smelly sock in your mouth to do a good deep cleaning  and after pass at the heels and when the heels are done i take out the sticky socks and you must pass at my perfect sweaty and smelly feet  nature nails so you can see where the dirt is to clean it up , enjoy my pov !