Little Mistake, Big Toe Trouble – HD wmv

#1 Hopping*Top 7 Foot Torture*Heading to bed, Kayla mentions how she accidentally destroyed her little sister’s favourite toy, and that she really hopes she’s not upset with her. She doesn’t know that her sister already has payback planned for her and is using the fact that Kayla is always walking around barefoot at home. Kayla wakes up, unaware that her sister has placed a loaded mousetrap beside the couch where she is napping. She gets up, there’s a loud snap, and Kayla screams out in pain. The trap has caught her big toe. She yells out in pain and clutches her injured foot with both hands and hops around. “Ow, my toe!” After some hopping she sits back down and removes the trap from her sore toe. She rubs it and is confused about how the mousetrap got there in the first place. Kayla is still walking around in her pjs, and opens a cabinet to grab something. A box has been balanced precariously and falls heavily onto her already sore big toe. She screams out and grabs her foot, jumping around on her uninjured foot, moaning in pain. “Not my big toe again, that really hurt!” After calming down, she puts the box away and limps towards the couch. But the furniture has been moved without her realizing so she stubs her same big toe hard on the corner. She grabs it and hops on one foot, her toe in a lot of pain. She doesn’t understand why the furniture was moved.To relax, Kayla takes another nap. You see her bare sole POV before seeing her cry out in pain “Ow, sister, you bit my toe!!” She leaps off the couch, grasping her now very sore and throbbing toe and foot in her hands and hops. “You did all these painful things to me just because I accidentally destroyed your toy??” She’s upset and bewildered as she keeps hopping.