Bbw Feet

Licking Your Cum Off My Toes (MP4)

You’re hard, I’m wet…it’s a match made in heaven. You have your cock out in front of me, and I know exactly what you have in mind. I begin to suck you off a bit, giving you a nice sloppy wet blowjob — but I have something better in mind, and this is just to make your cock nice and wet for what I REALLY have planned. After deep throating your cock until the point where it is nice and lubed, I reveal my true plans – your weakness. My feet. I flash them for you, teasing my toes at the head of your cock, before I give you a nice footjob. Completely fuck my feet as I rub my soles and toes all over your pulsating cock until completion. But that’s not enough for me – I just need a taste. Your cum looks so delicious as it glistens over my painted toes, I just have to get a small lick. Next thing you know, I am completely sucking on my toes, licking off every inch of your cum, and getting the small bit off of the head of your cock as well! How delicious. Contains/Tags: BBW, Big Tits, Big Boobs, Big Breasts, Redhead, Red Head, Feet, Feet Fetish, Foot Fetish, Toes, Toe Fetish, Toe Sucking, Toe Sucking Fetish, Painted Toes, Red Toes, Soles, Sole Fetish, Footjob, Footjob POV, Cum, Cum Eating, CE, BBW Feet, Dirty Talk, Blowjob, Roleplay, Toe Licking, Sole Licking, Cum Licking, Cum Eater