Pedal Pumping

Lady Loretta Kadett HD

My Dear Fans.You may know but if you don´t I had a major accident when I was out riding, I broke my hip after my horse landed over me. So I need to use cratches for a time now. This on the other hand does not stop me from wearing my heels. This is a must. Today I give you a clip from my new car an Opel Kadett or as it also is called Vauxhall Astra from 1983. I love the design of this car and I need it to take me back and forth to work. I change shoes in this clip I have been driving in my sneakers but now as I’m getting close to work I change shoes to my Louboutin that I just love. I have stoped by the road to do my shoe change and when I´m done polishing them I turn the key to start my car. Well for some reason it is really hard to start evenso I just drove it. I realize it is flooded but why?? I struggle to restart my car and I get really exited and angry, I don’t have time for this at all. Did I just buy this darn thing just to have more trouble… That was exactly what I did not want.Lots of close up in this clip and pedal action. Also a great over the shoulder view You just have to see this…Love Lady Loretta