Sweaty Feet

Gym Stank

OMG, I am soaked from this morning’s gym sesh I could ring out my sports bra, yoga pants and socks. This is the moment you have been waiting for, I have been endurance training and in doing so I have been sweating more and more, that includes my feet.I ran 2.70M on the high hill setting thus burning over 700 calories in under 40 minutes.I know how much to love and lust over nasty, smelly, sweat soaked feet so  I have decided to allow you to worship them, clean my nasty toe jam, sniff it all up till you can’t sniff no more then shove my soaked socks in your mouth and even in those little nose holes! They are fucking ripe I can’t even take it but you can’t help but jerk off to it you nasty fuck! 2019 Panther Productions Entertainment