One Shoe Hopping


REQUEST: I want the same movie weak leg model I want her with French nails, a short sexy outfit, at the right foot a sexy boot. on the left want you with a black ribbon, tilt your foot down, as ballerina foot. script 1 she’s pretty tidy hair, makeup and wants to leave the House for a walk, she jumps on one foot only because she is crippled, a victim of polio in her left foot, and only your toes nails French beautiful helpless and clear … She will jump up to the closet and pays his crutches. 2 she’s wearing a sexy boot on right foot he is strong, but the left is completely disabled, but that do not strip the sensuality of her, she’s got a short sexy outfit, and bust and legs appearing 3 She sits for 3 minutes, the camera shoots in details the gammy leg, showing finger by finger, French nails. 4she grabs her crutches and she takes the short outfit, and is only with panties and bra, and using the boot, walks with crutches in the House for 5 minutes showing the gammy leg.