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EVIKE – Karate Girl – Beatdown And Domination – FULL MOVIE (3 Clips)

Bratty Evike just started her karate lessons, she wants to know a martial art to protect herself better. She probes her new uniform, when her stepfather calls her. He is always an asshole to her and her mother and very ironic, this time is the same. He makes fun of Evike, that she is so small that she will never has a chance with big guys like him, doesn’t matter how much karate she knows. Evike challenges him and he laughs at her and mocks her. Evike hates this bastard and is time to make things change around at the house!BRUTAL Beatdown With Kicking And Stomping And TramplingEvike kicks very hard her stepfather on the stomach, making him fold from the pain. She stands up and she starts to stomp his body and face, asking him who is the weak now. The bratty Princess is really angry with him and shows no mercy! She feels so good while she tramples him and jumps on him. She kicks and stomps him on the body and face FULL POWER, as he begs her to stop. But Evike cannot stop, she tramples and stomps his face and she crushes his bones under her tiny sexy feet, showing him what a little Princess can do!BRUTAL Beatdown With Kicking And Stomping And TramplingFoot Domination And HumiliationAfter the hard beatdown the cocky stepfather lies dizzy on the couch and Evike smiles, sitting on his back with her feet on his face! She wants to humiliate him and she commands him to worship them, kicking his face when he doesn’t cooperate! Evike makes him lie on his back and footsmothers him hard, pulling his arm and pressing her feet on his face and makes him lick and suck them. He starts to complain and be annoying, so Evike gets harder and dominate her stepfather with her feet on his face, locking him in positions he cannot move!Foot Domination And HumiliationMERCILESS Trampling And Facestanding RevengeHer stepfather is her footbitch now, his macho style turned to a whinny bitch one. Evike feels things right and as he begs her to stop and offers her money, she tells him that all she wants is some more fun! She stands on him and starts an EPIC trampling and kicking combo show, humiliating verbally her stepfather while she destroys his body and face under her feet. Evike commands him to lick her feet while she stands on his chest and she stomps his face brutally many times. At the last minutes she focuses mostly on his face, she wants to crush it underfoot! She stands on it in many positions and she kicks, tramples it, stomps it and jumps on it! The poor guy is helpless and destroyed, begging Evike not to tell to nobody, especially her mother that she kicked his ass and humiliated him today. She says that maybe she will not, but for sure she will do it again and he must give her all his money for her silence!MERCILESS Trampling And Facestanding RevengeAre you a fan of superbratty Evike and you want all her clips? Visit her store!www.clips4sale.com/128509