Sole Fucking

Bound and Getting My Soles Fucked for Bad Cable

4K ULTRA HIGH DEF VERSION HERE!Check out the sequel, Foot Fuckers Cable part 2 HERE!CUSTOM clip:”The video starts with you wearing a T-Shirt and jeans, barefoot, with a fresh, red pedicure. You’re on the phone with the cable company cancelling your service. Later the cable man shows up. He says he’s there to disconnect your cable but he also asks you if you read all of the agreement you signed when your service was setup. You say you skimmed it. He smiles and pulls out the agreement and shows you that upon termination of service, female customers are too be tied and forced to service the cable man with their feet. You say that’s disgusting and ridiculous. He then makes you pass out using a cloth.  You wake up bound and naked. He promptly starts fucking your feet while you’re still drowsy and helpless from being knocked out, so you can’t resist him. Finally he cums on your feet. He backs up and makes you lick some off which you think is gross. “