One Shoe

Barefoot One Shoe Violet Crutches & Relaxes Her Sprained Ankle – MOV 1920x1080p

Violet has recently sustained a sprained ankle, but that does not stop her from getting around. This video begins with the first half following Violet from various angles as she crutches down the street to her car. Wearing jeans with one converse sneaker and her bad ankle barefoot , She looks irresistibly alluring and you can’t help but enjoy watching her walk with her crutches. When Violet gets to her car, she sets her crutches in the backseat and hops on her good ankle to get into the drivers seat. The scene cuts to her pulling into the driveway, getting back out of her car with the one shoe hop , and crutching her way into the house. Once inside she grabs some ice and crutches to the couch for some relaxation. Violet puts her sprained ankle foot up on a nice soft pillow and arranges the ice around her sore ankle. She is notably uncomfortable but soon finds some nice distraction by watching videos on her phone. There she sits, both legs up on the couch as you are treated to various angle views of her relaxation time. Full body, close up foot and panning views are included.©