A big sprain for my poor foot [JESSICA]+

Request: You do a great job with the ankle sprain video, but I think it would be really great to see a video where you “injure” your toe at home. Maybe you have an “accident” where you break your big toe, and you could definitely play up the anticipation for viewers by having you slowly and painfully remove the shoe/pantyhose from your injured foot and toe. Maybe you need to painfully hop, limp out of your apartment to get to the hospital. It would also be pretty neat if we could see some a bandage/cast as well (for this example, maybe it could be a bandage/cast that goes around your broken big toe and foot, but leaves the very tip of your big toe exposed, and your four smaller toes totally exposed and free to wiggle) when you comes home from the hospital. If you have crutches/a cane, you could use them as well. The entire video could be shot in one location, so it would be convenient.–Info, requests and more.. contact me! You can see my email address on the top of the page.